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Moon and Sun Display Options

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Property of the script line: DiaryGridLines.


The Moon and Sun Options script line property allows you to specify, for each individual DiaryGridLine, how Moon Tokens and Sun Tokens are converted and displayed.

For details on the options contained in each of the above tabs, click on the corresponding tab above, or use one of the links below:


Moon Phases

How moon phase tokens are displayed

Moon Times

How daily moon times are displayed.

Moon Zodiac

How the moon in zodiac tokens should be displayed.

Sun Times

How sun events times (dawn, sunrise, sunset, dusk) are displayed.


How the 2 types of daylight length (short and long daylight) are displayed. Also includes the options used to specify how summer time tokens are displayed.


How seasons, equinoxes and solstices are displayed.

Sun Zodiac

How the sun in zodiac tokens should be displayed.


How planetary events are displayed (conjunction, opposition, transit, occultation, ...)


The dates and times on which Moon events and Sun events occur are determined by the moon data source selected in the moon data property, and the sun data source selected in the sun data property.


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