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Moon and Sun in Zodiac Display Options

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time formatting control

time formatting control

The Moon Zodiac and Sun Zodiac tabs of the moon and sun options dialog contain the settings used to specify how to display the times, symbols and names of Zodiac signs as the Moon or the Sun enters or leaves them, using sun in zodiac tokens and moon in zodiac tokens, for the currently selected DiaryGridLine.


Zodiac Times


You can specify how sun in zodiac tokens or moon in zodiac tokens should be displayed, using the corresponding time formatting control.


Zodiac Symbols Font


Specifies the font to use to display the resulting symbol glyph of sun in zodiac tokens and moon in zodiac tokens as specified below.


Zodiac Symbols and Names


Specifies the specific symbol used to identify each Zodiac sign and the name that it should have in specific diaries.


Topic 175340, last updated on 01-Aug-2020