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Number of Days Minicalendar Modifiers

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The Number of Days minicalendar modifiers are used to delete the textbox of a minicalendar, based on the number of days contained in the month of the minicalendar.


The number of days modifier is of the form


:ZapCode Operator NumberOfDays




deletes the textbox containing the minicalendar token (if the textbox is grouped, it will be removed from the group before being deleted)


deletes the textbox containing the minicalendar token, as well as any object that is grouped to that textbox







greater than


less than


different (not equal)


different (same as ~)



allowed values are 28, 29, 30, or 31


This modifier is usually used in one-line minicalendars, to have the start and finish of every month aligned to the left and right edges of a textbox.


See also: number of weeks minicalendar modifier and other minicalendar modifiers.


Topic 172590, last updated on 18-May-2023