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Miscellaneous Preferences

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The Re-structure all local tables at start-up even if no error is detected option is set to true by default and ensures that temporary tables are error-free everytime your start-up Q++Studio. Setting this option to false will reduce the time that Q++Studio takes to start-up, but at the risk of an obscure error in one of the temporary tables forcing you to restart Q++Studio (having remembered to turn this option back on !).


Use the Infro Pages script line option to control the appearance of the Quark Pages script lines in the scripts editor.



Always display the label, even if it is blank.


if not blank

Display the label, if not blank, otherwise the filename (without the path) of the "Quark File" property.

Quark Filename

Always display the filename, even if it is blank.

Quark Filename

if it exists

Display the filename, if it exists, otherwise the label.


The Calculator Path allows you to customize the program which you want Q++Studio to use as a calculator.


See also: other preferences.


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