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QuarkXPress Preferences

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The QuarkXPress Preferences page of the preferences dialog lets you specify how Q++Studio interacts with QuarkXPress.


At the top of the QuarkXPress page of preferences, is the setting Use QuarkXPress, shown on the right, which can be unchecked if you never intend to use QuarkXPress. This will hide all the QuarkXPress related menus and UI elements. This setting can be changed back anytime.


QuarkXPress Version Used

Use this setting to specify the version of QuarkXPress to be used to scan and generate.


The current default value was set during the workstation installation.


If you need to change the QuarkXPress version used by Q++Studio to scan and generate, you can do it here, or using the instructions here.

QuarkXPress Passport

Check this box if the version of QuarkXPress selected above and installed on your workstation is the Passport version, or leave this box unchecked otherwise.

Rescan Delay

This is a delay given to QuarkXPress after scanning, to allow all changes to be saved to disk. The current default is 300 milliseconds.

Open QuarkXPress Files using the Windows Shell
(default = false)

When this option is checked (it is, by default), Q++Studio lets Windows open the QuarkXPress files that are opened for display (from the QuarkXPress menu, for example) through the association of the .qxd or .qxp extension with QuarkXPress. This is similar to what happens when you double-click on a .qxd or .qxp file in the Windows Explorer.

Color Matching

This tells QuarkXPress how to look for colors in the output file when you specify some color change (for example in macros). The default is Color Name which is the most accurate in QuarkXPress. This value should only be changed if you are getting color-related messages when generating.

Page copying delay

If the page copying part of diary generation happens too fast, then Quark does not have time to update its internal structures and will eventually crash at a more or less random place in the diary generation. This option introduces a delay between the page copying and token processing sequences of diary generation.


The default value of this parameter is set internally, based on the version of QuarkXPress you are using, and there is almost never a need to change this default value.

OPF transfer delay

QuarkXPress can crash, after saving a file, if one tries to access the saved file too soon. This option introduces a delay to protect you from this behavior.


The default value of this parameter is set internally, based on the version of QuarkXPress you are suing, and there is almost never a need to change this default value.

Never Update QuarkXPress Preferences

Usually this option should be set if you have encountered problems during the page generation phase of diary generation due to style sheets conflicts and having the style sheet palette open in the internal QuarkXPress. If you need to update the application preferences of your internal QuarkXPress, you can do so using the launch internal Quark menu item of the Tools Menu in the main window.

Version mismatch is only a warning

This option should only be turned on at the suggestion of technical support and is used in the very unlikely event of incorrectly appearing errors about QuarkXPress files mismatches in version number and/or passport version.

Use busy marker

This option, which should always be, creates a busy marker file every time the internal version of QuarkXPress is launched to scan, generate, or export to PDF. This file is used by Q++Studio when QuarkXPress fails to shut down automatically, to determine if the requested actions were performed successfully or not, before QuarkXPress needed to be forcibly closed.


Requires QuarkXPress 2016-2024.


Most of the time there should be no reason to change the above default values.


See also: QuarkXPress diary generation options, other preferences.


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