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Calendar Holidays Set

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You can display holidays for a given holidays set in the main window's calendar.


This feature is usually used to display legal holidays for the country in which you live as well as some personal dates (anniversaries, birthdays, ...).      




First create a new Holidays Set which will contain the list of personal dates and legal holidays which you want to display on your PC.


Then, add holidays and personal dates, either manually, or using the copy from feature of the holidays manager.


To differentiate between personal dates and legal holidays, we suggest checking the holiday watermark box for legal holidays, which will make them appear circled with a heavier line (see image on the right).


Since the holidays' names will be displayed below the flip calendar, where space is limited, we suggest you use short names and use a narrow font (such as Arial  Narrow) for your holidays set's display font.


Note that the Holidays Set you select is personal to you, and each user may select his/her own set.


See also: calendar preferences, other preferences.


Topic 117600, last updated on 07-Jan-2021