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Single-Line Diary Generation

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generating only one line of a script

generating only one line of a script

You can choose to generate a diary based on a single DiaryGridLine only.


To do this, select that script line in the scripts editor and then, either right-click on it and select the Generate Line popup menu item, or click on the corresponding toolbar button.


This is useful to test a single DiaryGridLine, or to only regenerate some pages when a diary has been fully generated and proofed and you only need some touch-ups in one diary grid.


Note that even though the output file only includes pages for the selected DiaryGridLine, these pages will appear in the correct position as pages stemming from other script lines will still be there, but they will be blank.


See also: generate only x pages starting at page y.


Topic 172550, last updated on 18-Oct-2021