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Slogan Tokens

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Slogan tokens are used to display quotes of the day, or a daily joke, or repeating text, or repeating images, using the slogan rules of the DiaryGridLine which uses the GridTemplate in which the token is.


Slogan tokens are of the form :


[:slog XX_label] or [:slim XX_label]





Text slogans


Image slogans

The textbox containing these token are transformed into a picturebox and that therefore any other text (including tokens) in the same textbox will be ignored (though a warning will be issued).

The inserted graphic will be inserted at a scale of 100% in the top-left of the box. If you need more precise scaling and positioning, you can override the image alignment for each specific slogans token, or you can use either a macro or a sara.


XX represents the index of the slogan token as specified in the slogan rules.


The allowed values are from 1 to 15, and do not have to be consecutive (ie. you can have a slogan token of index 1, another of index 5 and one of index 12 in the same grid).


label is an identifier available to you to describe each slogan token.


Examples would be [:slog01_BiblicalQuotes], [:slog02_LincolnQuotes], …


The underscore between the index and the label is optional but helps legibility.


Internally, only the index matters; the label is there for your convenience.


Therefore the tokens [:slog01_ListA] and [:slog01_ListB] are the same token internally, a slogan token of index 1.


If you use the same index with different labels, a warning message will be issued.


See also: slogan rules options and image tokens.


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