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4-Week Override Minicalendar Modifier

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The 4-Week Override minicalendar modifier specifies, for a given minicalendar, that it only contains 4 rows of @ dates markers (ie. 28 @ markers).


The 4-week override modifier is




The 4-week override modifier has no equivalent in the user interface of the minicalendar options.


The main use of the 4-week override modifier is to correctly display 4 week vertical minicalendar dates, when you may be using a 4-week minicalendar, a 5-week minicalendar and a 6-week minicalendar together with different tab positions to have the first and last weeks of all minicalendars justified or aligned, as in the example below.



See also: 5-week override and 6-week override.


Topic 181485, last updated on 23-Jun-2020