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Creating and Modifying Slogans

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Slogans are edited at the bottom-right of the slogans manager.


the individual slogan editor

the individual slogan editor

There are 3 parts to each slogan; sequence, text and graphic (if any).




Editing a Slogan's Sequence: depending on the type of slogan set, the left part of the Slogan Editor appears differently:


In the case of  "cyclical" slogan sets, the sequence is a simple number, modified with a spin edit control.

In the case of "month-day" slogan sets, the sequence is edited using a combo box for the month and a spin edit for the day.

In the case of a "specific date" slogan set, the sequence is edited by selecting a date from a calendar control.


the slogan editor popup menu

the slogan editor popup menu

Note that the sequence of each Slogan within a Slogan Set is unique.




To modify the text in a Slogan, simply type into the slogan editor, shown above.


Any underscore character "_" (without the quotes) contained in this string will be replaced by a non-breaking space.

Use the slogan editor pop-up menu to apply formatting to all or parts of the currently-selected slogan (see next section for more details).

You can use carriage returns; these will be transformed into "soft-returns". Alternatively you can use the hard and soft returns special character markers to make your choice of soft or hard return unambiguous.

All characters are allowed, including all left-to-right languages ones such as CJK.




Parts of, or the entirety of, each slogan can be set to bold, italics, underline, superscript, or any combination thereof, using the pop-up menu shown on the right, or the corresponding keyboard shortcuts.

In the slogans manager, the bold and italics formatting is generic, which corresponds to electronic bold and electronic italics (as opposed to the use of a specific font for bold and a specific font for italics). You can specify that the generic bold and italics formatting of each slogan should be replaced by the fonts as specified in the slogan rules property editor.

If some part of a slogan is formatted, it will be surrounded by the corresponding HTML tags, which can be manually edited, and an HTML preview pane will appear, giving a preview of the final result.

If you apply more than one formatting to some text, make sure that all formatting is fully withing other formatting. That is to say, any closing tag, such as </b> should always correspond to the most recently opened tag, in this case <b>.




You can choose to have a graphic displayed instead of text for each slogan, using slogan image tokens and selecting any type of graphic file accepted as a valid picture box file by QuarkXPress.


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