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Current or Other Minicalendars

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There are 2 MiniCalendar script line properties:


MiniCal (current) which defines the options for the MiniCalendar that corresponds to the current month.

MiniCals (others) which defines the options for all other MiniCalendars.


By default, all MiniCalendars are set to use the same options.

The reason for this is that it is extremely rare for the overall structure of the MiniCalendars to be different for the current MiniCalendars as compared to all other MiniCalendars.


By overall structure we mean aspects such as the first day of the week, the vertical/horizontal orientation, the number of weeks, if it is a single-line minicalendar, etc..., all being attributes that are usually the same for all the MiniCalendars of a diary.

Minor cosmetic changes to the current MiniCalendar are always possible, such as changing the background or the font, within the single set of MiniCalendar options, via the Current Month MiniCalendar Options settings.


Q++Studio determines whether a MiniCalendar is current or not, based on the DayValue of the MiniCal token that marks the textbox as a MiniCalendar textbox, as shown in the image above.


A MiniCalendar will be considered to be current if the value that follows the date corresponding to the DayValue of the MiniCalendar token corresponds to the month displayed by the MiniCalendar.

Whether it is possible for more than one Minicalendar to be the current one, when a spread contains a month change, as shown on the right, is determined by the Minical is defined as current if setting of GridOptions.

For relative MiniCalendar tokens, the token of the form [mc+00] is always current. However, depending on the value of Minical is defined as current if setting, the MiniCalendars of the form [mc+01] and [mc-01], could also be current, on 2-page spreads containing a month change.

For obvious reasons, the MiniCal (Current) property is not defined for yearly diaries.


See also: Minicalendar Date Formatting Sequence and Minicalendar Previews.



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