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GridTemplate was modified since last scan

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The modification date of the QuarkXPress template used by the current DiaryGridLine is different than the modification date that was saved the last time it was scanned.


This message occurs whether the QuarkXPress template is more recent or older. The latter case can occur if you went back to an earlier version of a GridTemplate (by restoring from backup, for example).


You will need to re-scan this template before you can generate a diary that uses it.




Re-scan file: This will automatically re-scan the version of the GridTemplate which is on disk and update the Templates database.

Re-Scan All Templates of Script: Rescan every template used by a non-commented scriptlines of the current script. This is useful if there are more than one of the present message, to address all these messages at once.


Topic 015016, last updated on 22-Mar-2021