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Synchronization with the qppstudio World Holidays Database

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Holidays Synchronization is the process, after an update to the worldwide public holidays database, of synchronizing your sets of international holidays, originally copied from the Worldwide Public Holidays Database, with the newly updates rules of that database.


You can access Holidays Synchronization, from the main window's data menu.


We constantly monitor worldwide news sources and government sources to ensure that the rules that are contained in the Worldwide Public Holidays Database is always up to date, and an up-to-date version of the online worldwide public holidays updater is available to use at any time.


There are 3 topics covering Holidays Synchronization:


Start-up Options

Details of the the synchronization options dialog which appears at the beginning of synchronization, and in which you can specify the various options to use, as the synchronization iterates through all your linked holidays sets.

Comparison Dialog

A detailed description of all the sections and options of the holidays comparison dialog, where the synchronization is performed. This topic is exhaustive, but slightly encyclopedic, and should be used to read about a specific setting or option. But, to learn how to proceed with the synchronization, see the next link.

Suggested Procedure

This topic describes, step-by-step, how to perform a holiday synchronization.


See also: world holidays database, copying recurring holidays.


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