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The International Script Line

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click on a property to jump to its help topic

click on a property to jump to its help topic

The International script line contains the properties that deal with the translation (languages) and localization (a-e-i-o-u-Holidays, Moon phases data) of scripts.


On the right is a screenshot of the properties of the International scriptline, as displayed in the properties inspector. Click on any of the properties in that image to navigate to the corresponding help topic.


If the scripts editor is wide enough, Q++Studio will display the names of all selected Languages on the International script line. Otherwise, Q++Studio will display the number of languages.




The full list of selected Languages can always be obtained, without opening its property editor, by placing your mouse cursor over the Languages property, in the properties inspector:

There is one International script line per script, and it cannot be deleted, moved, nor disabled.


Topic 005000, last updated on 17-Aug-2020