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Macro marker not preceded by LanguageTag or DayValue

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The present singleton run-time message occurs if a token which seems to be a macro token does not begin with either a LanguageTag or a DayValue.


For example, in the token below:




the first character of the token is a *, but should either be a number (DayValue) or a letter (LanguageTag) followed by a number, that is to say [1*2d] or [a1*2d].


Macro tokens in Multiple Holidays Options


This error often occurs when a user tries to add a macro to the tokens before/after each holiday in multiple holidays options, as the user is unsure what to use as DayValue, and therefore does not put anything. In such cases, the DayValue 1 should be used, that is to say, the incorrect token [*2d] should instead be [1*2d].


Topic 180145, last updated on 17-Apr-2023