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Too many levels of token iteration !

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This message occurs if the conversion of a token (mentioned in the message title) generates yet more tokens and this happens more than 1000 times for the same token.


It means that one of your tokens is replaced by another token, then that token is replaced by yet another token, and so on ... 1000 times or more.


Normally, the occurrence of this message is a sign that your script is set up in a manner that could lead to an infinite loop.


When to override this message


In some cases, the limit of 1000 iterations needs to be increased for a valid reason.


In diaries that contain macros that call each other, particularly those that generate complex monthly diaries from a very simple GridTemplate (such as is the case below), it is possible that a single GenTokens token, for example, could produce more than 1000 other tokens.


In some cases, such as in the example above, where this message is generated even though there is no danger of an infinite loop, you can tell this is the case because the conversion of tokens will proceed properly and stop at a specific place,as can be seen in the example on the right.


How to override this message


In such cases you can increase the value of the maximum iterations generation option to prevent the occurrence of the present message.


Topic 173220, last updated on 12-Aug-2021