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MiniCalendar Outside Days Options

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The Outside Days MiniCalendar options are used to specify under which condition to hide or show days that do not belong to the MiniCalendar's month, and if these outside days that are made visible should be displayed using specific font attributes.


If you select show outside days, you have the option of showing all outside days, or showing only outside days of the previous month or the following month (samples on the right).

The settings Cur. week before and Cur. week after are similar to previous month and following month, above, but only display outside days of either the previous or following month if these dates belong to the current week.

The setting Current week shows outside days from before or after, as long as the dates correspond to the current week. Note that these 3 settings have no meaning unless the concept of the current week is defined for the current GridTemplate (ie. it's a daily or a weekly). Also (see below), it should be apparent that these 3 settings all correspond to the use of hide fully outside days.

The settings Month Change, Month Change Before, and Month Change After display an outside date of the MiniCalendar if a change of month occurs in the current spread and the date is also in the current spread.

The settings Month Change (all week), Month Change Before (all week), and Month Change After (all week) display an outside date of the MiniCalendar if a change of month occurs in the current spread and the date is in the same week as any of the dates of the current spread.

The option hide fully outside weeks, common to all the other settings, above, ensures hides all the dates of the last week of a MiniCalendar is hidden, if all its dates lie outside the current month (as is the case above).


This option only controls the appearance of the individual dates (the @ markers). To determine if the week number of a fully outside week should appear or not, and how, use the week number headers options.


See also: Current Week MiniCalendar Options, Current Day MiniCalendar Options, Grid Options Monthly Outside Days, Outside Days Override Minicalendar Modifier.


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