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Week Tokens

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Week tokens are used to display some aspect of the week corresponding to a token's date (as specified by their DayValue).




Values *


Week Number


1 à 53

The ISO week number of a given date.


01 à 53

Same as above, but always with 2 digits.

Start of Week


1 à 53

Week number token with the start of prefix, same as [w], but shown only on the first day of the week, as defined by the Weekstart option of the GridOptions property.


This token support many options to display the week number on a different day than the first day of the week if that first day contains other events.

Week Counting


1 à 53

Week of the year. This token gives the exact same result as the [w] token, above.


52 à 0

Week remaining in the year.

Partial Translation of "Week"



First letter only



Rest of the name, lowercase.



Rest of the name, uppercase.

Abbreviated Translation of "Week"



No change in case with respect to its value in the translation table.



First letter in uppercase.



All in uppercase.

Translation of "Week"



No change in case with respect to its value in the translation table.



First letter in uppercase.



All in uppercase.

Week Number Ordinal


st, nd, rd, th, ...

Short ordinal.


First, Second, Third, Fourth, ...

Full ordinal.

UK PAYE Week Number


Displays the paye week number used by the British tax authorities, and included in most UK business diaries, as described here.

Estonian School Week Number


1 à 53

Similar to [w] and [ww] except that these display the School Week Number as used in Estonia and described here.


01 à 53


Note that:


The tokens in the table above refer to dates of the Gregorian calendar (ie. the standard Western calendar). There are also tokens that allow you to display dates based on the Chinese, Jewish, Korean, Muslim and Orthodox calendars.

Values that are language dependent, are displayed below using the most commonly used English translation. The actual results that you will get will depend on the language selected, and the translation specified in the tokens and translations manager).


Week number calculations are based on the ISO definition: week 1 of any year is the week that contains the first Thursday of the year.


The above definition means that weeks number 53 occur regularly, and that the 1st of January is often in week 53 of the previous year.

Week numbers are displayed with some special rules when used in MiniCalendars, but in week tokens the week always starts on a Monday.


This definition is the same as saying "week 1 is the first week that is mostly in the new year". If the week includes a Thursday then it means 4 out of 7 days of that week (the majority) are in the new year, so it is more in the new year than in the old.


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