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Holidays Set contains Muslim holidays that refer to a non-existent calendar

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Within one of the aeiou-holidays lists, one of the holidays of one of the holidays sets is using a muslim calendar which does not exist anymore (ie. was deleted from the shared database).


As a consequence, the Q++Studio Defaults Muslim Calendar will be used instead for all calculations, but this stopgap measure should not be used in production.


You should use one of the pre-set calendars, such as the Saudi Calendar, if you are dealing with Saudi Arabia, or countries in the Arabian Peninsula, or countries for which you have no reliable information. On the other hand, if you have some official announcement from local religious authorities, then you should create, and use, a custom muslim calendar that will match those dates exactly.




Change Properties of Holidays Set: opens the holidays manager, with the correct set pre-selected, so that you can specify a muslim calendar in that holidays set's properties.

Change Holidays Sets selection: opens the aeiou-holidays or holidays override property editors, depending on the origin of the message, so that you can select other holidays sets.

Re-Generate Holidays: This message is based on the analysis performed by Q++Studio during the most recent holidays generation, and therefore ignores any changes recently made to holidays rules and holidays sets properties. So, if you think this message is incorrect, then you may want to try to re-generate holidays using this proposed solution.


Topic 177045, last updated on 22-Mar-2021