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Holidays Set contains Solar holidays that refer to a non-existent Sun Source

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This message occurs if one or more of the holidays sets selected in either the aeiou-holidays or the holidays override properties, does not have a sun data source property specified for it, although it contains one or more recurring holidays that uses solar recurrence rules.


These holidays will not be calculated when generating holidays, and therefore will never appear in any diary you generate (it will be as if the holidays did not exist).




Change Properties of Holidays Set: opens the holidays manager, with the correct set pre-selected, so that you can specify a sun data source in that holidays set's properties.

Change Holidays Sets selection: opens the aeiou-holidays or holidays override property editors, depending on the origin of the message, so that you can select other holidays sets.

Re-Generate Holidays: This message is based on the analysis performed by Q++Studio during the most recent holidays generation, and therefore ignores any changes recently made to holidays rules and holidays sets properties. So, if you think this message is incorrect, then you may want to try to re-generate holidays using this proposed solution.


Topic 177055, last updated on 22-Mar-2021