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Script Preview: Pages

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The left half of the script preview window, as shown above, displays a preview of the pages that will be generated, based on the current script.


A trackbar at the top of the pages list shows the current range of pages being displayed, and allows you to rapidly navigate to other pages.

Each page shows an icon representing the type of script line it corresponds to, and the page number.

If a page came from a DiaryGridLine or a QuarkXPress Pages script line, then you can see its preview by double-clicking on it.

If a page came from a DiaryGridLine, then the beginning and ending dates of the current grid are also displayed.

If a page comes from a PlaceHolder or Quark Pages script line, then the label that appears in the Script Editor is displayed on the corresponding page of the preview.

If some pages display the text no dates on this page (as shown in the example on the right) and this is not accurate, then you should use DayValue Marker tokens to indicate to Q++Studio which dates are present on that page


If the number of signature pages and the number of defined pages of your script are not the same, then you will have some pages marked as Page not defined, as shown in the example on the right. These will come out in the output file as blank pages, unless you use the trim blank pages option.


When you select any of the dated pages, the calendar at the top right will display shows the dates contained in that page, and the list of tokens at the bottom right, will list all the tokens contained in the selected page, as well as the value of each of these tokens.


Dates of Page


The dates contained in the selected page are highlighted in the calendar to the right of the page layouts.

Note that this calendar adapts itself to the weekstart property you have set (Sunday weekstart in the example above).


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