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Saras as Properties of DiaryGridLines

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Each DiaryGridLine has a Saras property. This the most structured use of Saras, and the main features of Saras used this way are:


You can specify different SaraSets (or none) for each individual DiaryGridLine.

You can limit the scope of these Saras to only certain pages of the original GridTemplate.


For DiaryGridlines Saras

For DiaryGridlines Saras

The advantages of being able to restrict the application of SaraSets to certain DiaryGridLines, or to some pages only are:


A speed improvement since fewer pages will be searched.

You will most likely need less complex Saras to weed out unwanted replacements, leading to greater productivity for you.

More accuracy, since you can exclude pages to which you are certain you do not wish to apply a SaraSets.


Note that Saras belonging to a DiaryGridLine will be executed before global Saras.


See also: saras applied to a diary output file and saras as a stand-alone tool.


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