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The Template Colors GridOption can be used to specify 3 colors for the current DiaryGridLine which can be used everywhere a color is specified, such as in MiniCalendar Options, Saras or Macros, where, when specifying a color, you are presented with a dialog containing colors of the current GridTemplate, as well as 3 generic colors "Main Color", "Color 2" and "Color 3".


This GridOption is where the values of these 3 colors are set, for the current DiaryGridLine.


Using these 3 generic colors, instead of specific colors, is very useful for diaries that have a set of colors being applied everywhere (text, shading, rules, ...) which changes every year, such as scholastic diaries.


In such cases, it is much simpler to define these annual colors as template colors, so that when the next year comes, you only need to change the 3 template colors, rather than search everywhere in the Script for references to last year's colors.


The names of the template colors of the current script can be read and set within a macro, using the macro functions GetTemplateColorName and SetTemplateColorName.


Topic 113041, last updated on 01-Aug-2020