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Minicalendar has only 35 "@" markers, but "5-Week" option is not set

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This message is generated at the end of the conversion of a minicalendar, if the number of @ minicalendar date markers processed during the conversion is 35, which would indicate a five-week minicalendar structure, but that the five-week minicalendar option is not set in the corresponding minicalendar options and neither is a :fiv 5 weeks override modifier present in the minicalendar.


The usual cause for this message is that you converted an existing minicalendar that represented a month which only spanned 5 weeks, and forgot to put an extra row of @ symbols in the sixth week where the existing sample had no dates.


Note that this verification does not occur in the following cases:


For minicalendars which use a date offset, since these minicalendars are often one-line minicalendars, where the number of @ markers may be anything depending on whether you start the minicalendar on the 1st of the month, and if the minicalendar is split across 2 pages.

In cases when the minicalendar uses minicalendar modifiers that clearly indicates that the number of @ markers being 35 does make sense (for example if the minicalendar token uses a number of weeks minicalendar modifier)


See also: minicalendar has only 28 "@" markers, but "4-week" modifier not present.


Topic 177945, last updated on 01-Aug-2020