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MiniCalendar Structure Options

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The options in the Structure section of the Minicalendar Options dialog, determine the structure of the MiniCalendar as a whole and can be grouped as follows (click on various zones of the image on the right to navigate to the corresponding help topic):


Day HeadersOptions to control the way that MiniCalendar Weekday tokens $$, $a, $b, ..., are processed to display weekday names in the MiniCalendar.
Week NumbersOptions to control the way that MiniCalendar Week Number tokens w# are processed to display week numbers in the MiniCalendar.
Week StartSpecifies the first day of the week for the MiniCalendar, independently of the similar Week Start option of the parent DiaryGridLine. That is to say, you can have a weekly diary grid in which weeks start on Mondays while the MiniCalendars' weeks start on Sundays, as is common in North American diaries.
Flow of DatesSpecifies if the weeks of the MiniCalendar are horizontal (the usual case) or vertical, and how they should be aligned, when there are fewer than 6 partial weeks in a month.
Single LineLets you set options specific to one-line MiniCalendars.
Five WeeksUsed to set options for MiniCalendars with only 5 weeks.

Note that all the above options work equally well with the same MiniCalendar token. That is, you do not need to build a special MiniCalendar token to use one or the other of the above options.


Topic 107090, last updated on 01-Aug-2020