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The op-codes used in compiled code fall into four broad categories :


Status: inform the compiler about the initial or changing status of the code. These are: pre-compiler, :var, :begin, :end, and PRE.

Assignment: assign a value to a variable. This is the MOV op-code.

Function call: call a built-in function. This is the CALL op-code.

Jump: moves the instruction pointer to another line (not the default next line). This includes: IF_xxx, ELSE_xxx, ENDF_xxx, GOIF_xxx, and GOFR_xxx.


Each op-code will be discussed in detail below. In some of the more complex cases, such as GOIF_xxx and GOFR_xxx, it may be useful to first get a global overview of the way the compiler translates a loop, as discussed in sample compiled code.


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