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str = faFishingTimeName(nFishingTimeOfDayIndex)


This macro function returns the string "M" or "E" (for morning or evening, respectively) depending on the value of the parameter nFishingTimeOfDayIndex (which can be 0 for the morning and 1 for the evening).


The function faFishingTimeName is usually used in conjunction with the function faFishingTimeBestOn, as in the code below.

nAt2359 = MillionFromHMS(23,59,59// end of the day
nTimeOfDayIndex = faFishingTimeBestOn(n_TokenDate,nAt2359,nIdxMoon)
sTimeName = faFishingTimeName(nTimeOfDayIndex)
if sTimeName == ''M' // best, relatively, in the morning
   sResult = 'All things being equal, better in the morning'
   sResult = 'All things being equal, better in the evening'

See also: faFishingTimeBestOn.


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