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Cannot locate object X on page Y !

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This DTP processing message occurs when p-Code tells QuarkXPress to modify a given object in a GridTemplate, but QuarkXPress cannot find the corresponding object in the scanned Template.


The most frequent cause for this message is that this object was placed way off the page, into the pasteboard, leading QuarkXPress to assign an invalid page number to it.


The screenshot on the right shows such a case.


When this happens, the present message is often accompanied by a message warning you about objects placed off the page. Note that the object placed off the page, will often lead to the present message being generated for boxes that are placed normally (ie. once QuarkXPress gets confused by an invalid page number, it tends to remain confused for the remainder of the page).


Other possible causes for this message are:


Nested grouping of objects, which should be avoided.

Tokens inside textboxes that are located in master pages. QuarkXPress gets very confused when scanning objects that are on master pages and therefore cannot find them at run-time (ie. when generating a diary).

Specifying that one of the pages of your GridTemplate is a section start (you should never use QuarkXPress sections in a GridTemplate).


Otherwise, this message is issued because the QuarkXPress file has become damaged and the problem can be solved by recreating this GridTemplate.


Topic 108532, last updated on 13-Mar-2024