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int = GetHolDurationPositionFromTable()


This macro function returns the position of the position of the current holiday in a multiday holiday.


This function returns 1 for single-day holidays.


The macro code below looks for the first holiday of nHolSetID on n_TokenDate and displays a message containing the number of days which this holiday lasts for, and in which position the current holiday is.

// initialize the holidays table
// check if there is a holiday today
if FindNextHolidayOnDate(n_TokenDate, nHolSetID)
   nNumDays = GetHolDurationFromTable()
   nPosition = GetHolDurationPositionFromTable()
   if nNumDays == 1
      sRESULT = 'Holiday only lasts one day'
      switch nPosition
         case 1
            sRESULT = 'The first of ' + IntToStr(nNumDays) + ' days'
         case nNumDays
            sRESULT = 'The last of ' + IntToStr(nNumDays) + ' days'
            sRESULT = 'Day ' + IntToStr(nPosition) + ' of ' + IntToStr(nNumDays)

See also: GetHolDurationFromTable, FindNextHolidayOnDate.


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