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Arbitrary Dates Holidays Rules

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The Arbitrary Dates holiday recurrence rule type is for holidays or events whose future dates cannot be predicted using a rule.

Ratting Day Tristan da Cunha

Ratting Day
Tristan da Cunha

Post-Election Holiday Anguilla

Post-Election Holiday

End of Ramadan additional government holidays UAE

End of Ramadan additional government holidays UAE

The 3 above examples include:


Ratting Day which occurs every year, but on very different dates.

The Anguilla post-election holidays which may or may not be declared after each election.

The UAE's additional public sector holidays whose declaration is almost automatic annually, but whose duration depends on when the End of Ramadan falls with respect to the weekend.


You do not need to supply a date for each and every year, but if you know that an arbitrary dates holiday does not occur every year, then you should uncheck the Occurs every year check-box.


You can supply as many dates as you wish within the same year.


See also: other types of recurrence rules and recurrence rules options.


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