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int = HoursFromMillion(nTimeTimesMillion)


This macro function returns the hour (from 0-23) corresponding to the time nTimeTimesMillion.


The number nTimeTimesMillion is the portion of the day expressed in one millionth of a day (less than 1/10th of a second).


The macro code below extracts the hours, minutes and seconds from the time obtained for a Moon phase.

nNewMoonTime = MoonPhaseAndTimeOf(n_TokenDate,1,false)
if (nNewMoonTime > 0)
   nHrs = HoursFromMillion(nNewMoonTime)
   nMins = MinutesFromMillion(nNewMoonTime)
   nSecs = SecondsFromMillion(nNewMoonTime)
   sResult = 'Moon phase at '+IntToStr(nHrs)+':'+IntToStr(nMins)+':'+IntToStr(nSecs) 

To avoid confusion between the midnight at the beginning of the day, and the midnight at the end of the day, a value of 1000000 for nTimeTimesMillion will be converted to 23:59:59.


See also: MinutesFromMillion, SecondsFromMillion, MillionFromHMS


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