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int = InnerPlanetTransitOnDate(nDate, nPlanet, nSunDataSourceIndex)


This macro function returns the time in millionths of a nDate when either of the inner planet nPlanet (Mercury or Venus) transits across the Sun, as seen from nSunDataSourceIndex.


The result is -1 if no transit occurs on nDate for planet nPlanet.


The time of the day for the calculation is given by nTimeTimesMillion which is the portion of the day expressed in one millionth of a day (less than 1/10th of a second).


The example below, calculates the time, if any, on the date of the macro token, when Venus is at maximum transit in front of the Sun.

sResult = ''
nTimeTimesMillion = InnerPlanetTransitOnDate(n_TokenDate, n_VENUS, 1)
if nTimeTimesMillion >= 0
   // convert time to a string, rounding to the nearest minute
   sTime = FormatTime('hh:nn', nTimeTimesMillion, true)
   sResult = 'Maximal Venus solar transit at ' + sTime

See also: PlanetaryEvent and planetary functions.


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