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Naming Variables

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The first letter of the name of a variable must reflect its type.


Boolean variables start with a lowercase b (eg. bIsLeapYear).

Integer or Date variables start with a lowercase n (eg. nToday).

String variables start with a lowercase s (eg. sMonthName).


The names you give to your variables should obey the following rules and suggestions.


Your variable names can not include any digits (0-9) nor the underscore character "_". These are reserved for temporary and system variables.

Your variable names should only use the following 52 letters: a..z and A..Z.

Variable names are case-sensitive.

We suggest using informative compound names for your variable, and making them more legible by putting the first letter of each word in uppercase (eg. bMondayIsHoliday).


See also: declaring variables.


Topic 108183, last updated on 18-Apr-2020