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No initial text overflow in box, BOXFIT token ignored

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This message should never appear, beginning with build 20694, when using Quark 2016 and above, as any box containing a BOXFIT token that does not have text overflow initially, will be automatically reduced in size to 3 points, to ensure text overflow, before the actual BOXFIT processing begins.


This diary generation message occurs before processing a BOXFIT token, if there is no text overflow to start with and if the warn if no overflow in boxfit generation option is set to true (the default).


Remember that the BoxFit token will only increase the size of its containing box; it will never shrink the box.


Therefore you should always make the textbox small enough in the template, so that text overflow occurs in all circumstances (unless you wish to have a minimum size, regardless of the contents).


If you wish to have the exact same functionality, but never see this message, then use the [BOXGROW] token instead.