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Scanned GridTemplate uses Sections !

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This DTP processing message appears at the end of scanning, if the file you are scanning uses sections (ie. the page numbers do not follow the sequence of pages, such as in the example, on the right, where the 1st page is page 55 instead of page 1).



As discussed in the GridTemplate construction guidelines, this is a potential source of errors and is often overlooked when trying to identify problems encountered when generating a diary.


At best, the use of sections can lead to an output file which has, for example, pages 2+3 repeating over and over again for the breadth of the diary, making the printing of the output file, or its use with an imposition software problematic.


At worst, it can cause QuarkXPress or InDesign to crash while scanning or generating.


Topic 177685, last updated on 18-May-2023