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Searching in the Advanced Data Grid

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To search within all the columns and rows of the list of data currently displayed in an advanced data grid, simply select the grid and use the CTRL+F keyboard combination, and the Find Panel appears:



To execute a search with the Find Panel, simply enter text within the panel's Find box, and the grid will filter records, displaying only those that contain the entered search string.


The search is case-insensitive and insensitive to diacritics (umlauts, grave, acute, and other accents).



You can also use Extended Search Syntax. In extended syntax, words separated by the space character are treated as individual conditions combined by the OR logical operator.



The grid shows records that match at least one of these conditions.


The following specifiers and wildcards allow users to narrow search results:

The "+" specifier. Preceding a condition with this specifier causes the grid to display only records that match this condition. The "+" specifier implements the logical AND operator. There should be no space character between the "+" sign and the condition. The "–" specifier. Preceding a condition with "–" excludes records that match this condition from search results. There should be no space between the "–" sign and the condition. The percent (“%”) wildcard. This wildcard substitutes any number of characters in a condition. The underscore (“_”) wildcard. This wildcard represents any single character in a condition.

For instance, applying the 'mercedes dodge +systems +ame –roadster –sport' search string makes the grid display only records that include 'mercedes' or 'dodge' with 'systems' and 'ame' in any cell, and do not include either 'roadster' or 'sport'.

The order of conditions is irrelevant for search results – it only affects how search strings are highlighted within each record cell. So the 'mercedes +systems –roadster –sport +ame dodge' search string is equivalent to the one mentioned above.

Finally, note that to search for a string containing a space character, this string must be enclosed in quotation marks.


See also Filtering.


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