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void = SetBoxHeight(nFixedUnits)


the height of a textbox is the value of H

the height of a textbox is the value of H

This macro function is used to specify the height of the textbox that contains the macro token.


Looking at the measurements palette of QuarkXPress and InDesign, as shown in the image on the right, the effect of this function is to set the value of H equal to nFixedUnits.

Textbox resizing functions only work on textboxes whose angle is a multiple of 90 degrees (0­°, 90°, 180°, or 270°) and we strongly encourage you to always use non-rotated textboxes (with an angle of 0°) for any macro which contains the above macro function, as explained in the gridtemplate construction guidelines.

A fixed unit is the smallest unit of size, used by both QuarkXPress and InDesign, and is defined as 1/65536 of a point. This means that an inch is 4718592 fixed units, and a millimeter is approximately 185771 fixed units.


This function will affect the height of the textbox, keeping the top position unchanged.


See also: MoveBoxVert and textbox resizing macro functions.


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