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int = StrCompare(sOne, sTwo, bCaseSensitive)


This macro function compares two strings, sOne and sTwo, and returns -1 if sOne is "less" than sTwo, 0 if they are both equal, and +1 if sOne is "more" than sTwo.


By more and less, we mean the position of each string in an alphabetical listing.


This function is used to sort strings.

StrCompare('A''Z', false);       // returns -1
StrCompare('AAA''aaaa', false);  // returns -1
StrCompare('AAAB''aaaa', false); // returns +1
StrCompare('A''a', false);       // returns  0
StrCompare('Aaaa''aaaa', false); // returns  0

The Boolean parameter, bCaseSensitive, determines if the comparison is to take uppercase and lowercase letters into account.

StrCompare('A''Z', true);       // returns -1
StrCompare('AAA''aaaa', true);  // returns +1  <---
StrCompare('AAAB''aaaa', true); // returns +1
StrCompare('A''a', true);       // returns +1  <---
StrCompare('Aaaa''aaaa', true); // returns +1  <---

Note that the sort order is determined by the regional settings of Windows on your PC; this has an impact for strings which contain letters such as å æ ø.


See also: StrContains.


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