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Cannot find color name

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This InDesign processing message occurs when a diary is generated using InDesign and a command is encountered requiring the use of a color which cannot be found, using the name supplied.


The message would almost never be caused by one of the standard options of Q++Studio.


This message will almost always be due to the use of the FormatText macro function, using a color name that is not spelled exactly, including upper and lowercase, as it appears in the scanned template properties.


Duplicated color names


If the templates of a script have not been rescanned since build 23745 of February 16, 2023, then you might encounter this message due to 2 or more colors being defined using the option Name with Color Value in InDesign, with both colors having a different tint percentage. If you encounter this issue, simply upgrade Q++Studio to any version above build 23745 of February 16, 2023, and rescan the templates of the current script.


Topic 185870, last updated on 16-Feb-2023