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The Database Query History Dialog

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Every time an SQL query is run successfully in the database query dialog, that query text is saved in a history list, to which you can return, at any time, using the history button of the the database query dialog, as shown in the image on the right.


This history list is saved even after you close the Database Query Dialog and Q++Studio (ie. it will be available again the next time you return).


After clicking on the history button, the Database Query History Dialog appears, displaying the list of previous queries on the left.



If you select one of the past queries, on the left, then its full syntactically colored text will be displayed on the right in the SQL editor.


You can also get a quick preview of any of the past queries listed on the left, by placing your mouse cursor over it. A pop-up hint containing the full multiline query will then appear near your mouse.


You can also use the filter row to filter-down the list of queries listed to only those that contain some specific text (the filter is case-insensitive), or based on the date and time when that query was last performed in the Database Query Dialog.


See also: the visual query builder.


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