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Error getting layerid of box !

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This DTP processing message is generated if QuarkXPress or InDesign, while iterating through all the objects of a file being scanned (or being used as part of diary generation, the title of the message will tell you which of these 2 cases applies), encounters an object whose layer cannot be identified.


This is an impossibility as all objects must belong to a layer.


Solution 1


Before build 24381 of March 18, 2024, when using InDesign, this message could be spuriously caused by an overflowing textbox that contained anchored boxes, as in the example on the right.


Make sure to update to build 24381 or above, and then rescan any template whose scan produced the present message.


Solution 2


This message might be an indication that your QuarkXPress or InDesign document is most likely corrupted. You should try to copy it into a fresh file and try again.


If the problem remains, please send the script to technical support, being sure to mention the error message ID listed at the bottom of this topic.


Topic 179355, last updated on 18-Mar-2024