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str = faFishingConditionName(nFishingConditionIndex)


This macro function returns the string "P", "F", "G" or "B" (for poor, fair, good and best, respectively) depending on the value of the parameter nFishingConditionIndex.


The function faFishingConditionName is usually used in conjunction with the function faFishingConditionOn, as in the code below.

nAt2359 = MillionFromHMS(23,59,59// end of the day
nConditionIndex = faFishingConditionOn(n_TokenDate,nAt2359,nIdxMoon) 
sResult = faFishingConditionName(NConditionIndex)
sResult = 'Fishing conditions letter is: ' + sResult // P, F, G, or B

See also: faFishingConditionOn.


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