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int = faFishingConditionOn(nDate,nTimeTimesMillion,nMoonSourceIndex)


This macro function calculates the fishing conditions index, based on the location of the current script's Moon data source of index nMoonSourceIndex, evaluated at the time nTimeTimesMillion of nDate.


The resulting index runs from 0 to 3, corresponding to the conditions poor, fair, good and best, respectively.


The time of the day for the calculation is given by nTimeTimesMillion which is the portion of the day expressed in one millionth of a day (less than 1/10th of a second). Traditionally, astrological and astronomical events that are true or false on a date, are evaluated at the end of the day (ie. 23:59:59).


The example below checks if fishing conditions are good or best on the date of the macro token.

nAt2359 = MillionFromHMS(23,59,59// end of the day
nIndexToday = faFishingConditionOn(n_TokenDate,nAt2359,nIdxMoon)
bGoodOrBest = (nIndexToday in [2,3])

See also: MillionFromHMS, faFishingTimeBestOn and Moon Lore.


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