GridTemplate name.qxp was modified since last scan

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GridTemplate name.qxp was modified since last scan

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Cause: Q++Studio has noticed that the GridTemplate used by the current DiaryGridLine has been modified since it was scanned (ie. the file date is different).


Consequences : When Q++Studio scans a GridTemplate, it saves a copy of it in the Templates database. So, if you run a Script with this warning, the GridTemplate that will be used is the original one from before any changes were made.


Solutions :


Re-scan name.qxp: This will automatically re-scan the version of the GridTemplate which is on disk and update the Templates database.


Re-Scan All Templates of Script: Q++Studio will automatically rescan every template used by a non-commented scriptline of the currently displayed script. This is useful when converting a script from one version of QuarkXPress to the other.


Note that this message occurs whether the file name.qxp on disk is more recent or older. The latter case can occur if you went back to an earlier version of a GridTemplate (by restoring from backup, for example).

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