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Input file contains same name CharStyle asset defined differently (QuarkXPress 2015-2024)

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This diary generation message is generated if QuarkXPress notices that one of the Character/Text Style Sheets from one of the GridTemplates and plain Quark files of the Script being generated has the same name as another of the Character/Text Style Sheets already defined in the output file, but is defined differently.


This may have unexpected consequences as the output file will use the Character/Text Style Sheets definition of the first time it encounters a Character/Text Style Sheets of a given name, and will not make copies of the differing Character/Text Style Sheets.


A safe way to minimize the number occurrences of the present message, is to use the use main grid as seed for generation diary generation option.


A more risky way is to un-check the corresponding warn of inconsistent default ... diary generation option, although this is not recommended as many elements of your QuarkXPress documents will often use default asset styles.


Topic 181445, last updated on 28-Apr-2022