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Input file contains same name H&J asset defined differently (Quark 2016 and above)

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This diary generation message is generated if QuarkXPress notices that one of the H&J styles (hyphenation and justification) from one of the GridTemplates and plain Quark files of the Script being generated has the same name as another of the  H&J styles, but is defined differently.


This message can be generated for  H&J styles of ID above 5 (user defined) or of ID value of 5 and below (default built-in  H&J styles).


A safe way to minimize the number occurrences of the present message, is to use the use main grid as seed for generation diary generation option.


A more risky way is to un-check the corresponding warn of inconsistent default ... diary generation option, although this is not recommended as many elements of your QuarkXPress documents will often use default asset styles.