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Manually Updating Q++Studio

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Using the provided automated updaters is the simplest, and recommended, way of updating Q++Studio and its worldwide public holidays database.


Using the firewall and anti-virus settings, as specified here, should allow these automated updaters to function normally.


However, if you are not able to get the automated updaters to run normally, then you can use the manual updating methods below.


Manually Updating the Q++Studio Main Program


setting to use in step 7

setting to use in step 7

To manually update Q++Studio:


1.Download the current manual updater data file from the link (this is a very large file; approximately 300 MB).

2.Copy the file, downloaded above, as is (do not open it), to the server folder Q:\Q++ServerXV4\Updates\ (the drive letter Q:\ might be C:\ or D:\, if you are not running the server version of Q++Studio).

3.Close Q++Studio on all workstations.

4.Check the modified date of the file C:\Q++StudioXV4\Utilities\Q++StudioUpdaterXV4.exe.

5.If the date is after March 27, 2020, then you can skip step 6, and jump directly to step 7.

6.Otherwise, follow the steps below:

a.Download the file (file is approximately 25 MB).

b.Rename the downloaded file as Q++StudioUpdaterXV4.exe (do not try to unzip it).

c.Copy the renamed file to the folder C:\Q++StudioXV4\Utilities\.

7.Launch the Q++Studio updater normally (making sure to select the build number prepended with "F", such as F24183, as shown in the example above right.

8.Repeat steps 4 to 7 on every workstation (steps 1-2-3 do not need to be repeated).


The steps above will not update your licenses. To update your licenses manually, you will need to follow the steps below.

See also: installing test builds.


Manually Updating License Files


To manually install updated license files:


1.Close Q++Studio on all workstations.

2.Download the zip file containing the latest license files using the link (very small file; approximately 20 KB).

3.Open the downloaded zip file, and extract the 3 files, inside it, to the server folder folder Q:\Q++ServerXV4\ (the drive letter Q:\ might be C:\ or D:\, if you are not running the server version of Q++Studio).


You can now launch Q++Studio.


Manually Updating Worldwide Public Holidays


To manually update the database of worldwide public holidays at your site. Sitting at any of the workstations connected via LAN to the Q++Server (this only needs to be done once, on any one of the workstations):


1.Make sure that you have installed build 21361 of Q++Studio, at least.

2.Delete the file, in the folder C:\Q++StudioXV4\Utilities\, if it exists.

3.Download the data file manually, using the link (file size: approximately 500 KB).

4.Copy the file downloaded in step 3, above, to the folder C:\Q++StudioXV4\Utilities\.

5.Close Q++Studio on all workstations.

6.Launch the Q++Studio worldwide public holidays updater normally.


See also: installation and other updates.


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