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The MOV op-code sets the value of a variable to either a literal, or the value of another variable.

0006 MOV bRESULT=true
0007 MOV nDate=@n_TokenDate
0008 MOV sRESULT=Hello my name is Olivier

Note in the above examples that :


Strings are no longer enclosed in quotes. This was necessary in Macro code to make the instructions unambiguous for the compiler. But once the code is compiled, there is no ambiguity for the interpreter as to what the compiler meant. They are both on the same wavelength.

Variables are always prefixed with the address symbol "@" to distinguish them from a string.


It may seem like a waste of time to trade quotes around strings (in the source) for the address sign (in the compiled code), but it is actually much faster for the interpreter to read the first character after the equal sign than trying to find the matching closing quote.


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