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Muslim Religious Times and Prayer Tokens

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The table below shows the available muslim tokens which can be used to display the muslim times of the day, usually used to determine Prayer times:



Displays the time of Fajr (Muslim dawn)


Displays the time of shrook (sunrise)


Displays the time of dhuhr (solar transit)


Displays the time of Asr (afternoon prayer)


Display the time of Maghrib (sunset)


Displays the time of Isha (Muslim dusk)


The source of data used to evaluate Muslim Time Tokens comes from the muslim data source property. This property also allows you to specify, for each source, the calculation options to use depending on the juristic school followed.


Multiple Sources


If more than one source is selected, you can specify which source to use by appending a digit that corresponds to that source's position in the list of selected sources. For example, if 2 sources were selected, Dubai and Cairo, you would use the token [itA1] to display Fajr in Dubai, and the token [itA2] to display Fajr for Cairo. The suffixes h and m described at the top of this topic can also be used, and are placed between the token and the digit (for example: [itAh1] and [itAm1]).


The property muslim options lets you specify how these times are displayed, and lets you specify which of the different solar depression angles should be used to correspond to various definitions of dawn and dusk (Astronomical, nautical, civil, ...).


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