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Dashes and Stripes in QuarkXPress

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Dashes and Stripes styles, in QuarkXPress, are used to specify the visual appearance of both line objects below left) and the rules settings of paragraph attributes (below right).

These various default styles can be used in the GenTokens line ending options.


User-Defined Dashes and Stripes


To create your own, or modify an existing, style of dashes and stripes, go to the Edit menu of QuarkXPress, and then to the Dashes and Stripes sub-menu. A dialog open,displaying all the default styles.



After you scan a template, any dashes and stripes that you may have defined yourself (as shown in the image on the left, above), will be available to select in the GenTokens line ending options, as shown in the image on the right above (just as any user-defined color is, after scanning).


See also: rule and stroke types in InDesign.


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